Back to work from the office? Here are the tips

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The pandemic is over, and we are getting normal again, business is back open, no masks are acquired, no quarantine is needed, and many more. When everything’s back to normal, the office is also back to normal. Human resources who represent a company start to tell every employee to back work at the office.

I’m not a big fan of working at the office. After two years of working at home, it’s really hard to work at the office again. It feels like I need to adapt to getting “normal.” even though, according to scientists say humans are the most adaptable species in the world. We evolve and adapt to dangerous environments, climates, and many more. I believe I also can adapt to work at the office.

So, I think about how I can adapt to work at the office again. I made a couple of strategies, and I can adapt to two weeks of work from the office. Here are my strategies, or maybe my tips.

Enough sleep

Every human needs to sleep because when we are asleep a lot of things happen to our body. According to a healthline article, when humans sleep there will be energy conservation, restoration, brain reorganization, creation of a good mood, etc.

Source: Freepik

Based on that healthline article, with a night of good sleep, everyone can live the day well. Because, at least you, we will start the day with the good energy that we got from sleep. So, how many hours do we need to sleep? Based on the CDC website, an adult needs at least seven hours of sleep every night.

I am the kind of person who enjoys my time for sleep. With a good quality of sleep, I can feel happier in the morning. So I tried to get better sleep. I always sleep in a dark room, with a comfortable temperature, and I don’t use my smartphone before sleep.

Routine to exercise

Before the coronavirus pandemic, I was just a lazy person. I rarely do exercise. And then, when I needed to quarantine because of the coronavirus pandemic I tried to be more active.

Right now, I always exercise at least three to four times a week. I like to run for 20 minutes, jump rope for 5 minutes, push up, pull up, or sometimes on the weekend, I will cycle for 50 kilometres.

At first, I thought doing exercise before going to work will make me tired, with no energy at the office or fatigue, but I was wrong. After routine exercise, I feel like I’m always fresh at the office, and at night I also can go to sleep early.

Have a good connection with a coworker

Yes, people in the office are not my best friend, but I need to spend at least eight hours a day at the office, so I need to socialize a little bit with them, especially with people on my co-worker.I just do regular ethics at the office, like say hi, lunch together, and sometimes hang out a little bit after office hour.

Avoiding drama at the office is also a good decision, so you need to stay away from bad people at the office. Stay away from someone who is always gossiping about your boss, arguing, or grumping. Stay away from toxic coworkers, they are bad for the office environment.

Know your priority

After I became a professional worker, I understand not all meetings are important. Sometimes the topic is not really relevant to my role at the office. Sometimes I don’t understand why people invite me to meetings for no particular reason. The speaker also sometimes just reads the entire slide, like c’mon you can share your slide via email, and I can read by myself.

I don’t want to waste my time on irrelevant meetings, so sometimes I just make an excuse to not join the meeting, especially if the meeting is held offline, in the office. If the meetings are on Zoom, I can easily turn off my camera and do other work, but for offline meetings, it’s better not to come.

I know, sometimes it’s hard to say ‘no’ to our boss. That’s why, as I said before, we need a good connection with coworkers. If we have good connections with coworkers, maybe our co-workers can help us to avoid those irrelevant meetings.

So, that’s it. Happy working all.



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