New Year at Baduy Dalam

M Ikhsan
4 min readJan 4, 2023

I wanna get out for a while from city life, I wanna feel something different in the new year.

Because I don’t wanna hear the noise of fireworks, and I wanna avoided crowds, I choose to travel to Baduy Dalam village.

Baduy is an ethnic group who lived in Lebak, Banten area. The Baduy divided into two groups, Baduy Dalam (Inner Baduy), and Baduy Luar (Outer Baduy). So what’s the difference?

Both, Baduy Dalam and Baduy Luar are still strict and believe in their cultural system, but Baduy Luar has a little different view. It’s like, there are a lot of things we can’t do at Baduy Dalem, but we can do at Baduy Luar. Like taking a picture, or shooting a video.

It’s prohibited to take pictures or shoot videos at Baduy Dalam, but at Baduy Luar it’s okay. For geography itself, Baduy Luar is closer to outside Baduy Area. So everyone who wanna go to Baduy Dalam should pass Baduy Luar.

For this trip I chose an open trip because Baduy is a cultural village, they have their rules and laws so I need to learn that from my tour leader.

On 31 December, I met my group at Rangkas Station. And then we need to go to Ciboleger village, it takes 90 minutes by car. Ciboleger is the starting point for trekking the Baduy area. Least it needs four or five hours of trekking the finish at the Baduy Dalam Area.

There are porters to help to carry bags. Baduy people are very strong, even 11 years old boy can carry 30 L bags full of clothes.

Trekking at Baduy Luar

I take a lot of pictures in the Baduy Luar area and enjoy the moment. I also have a good talk with the Baduy Dalam people about their beliefs. Like why Baduy never uses the vehicle, and always walks barefoot. And every Baduy I asked will say “It’s their belief.”

I am also curious about what they do for a living. So, outside tourism, the Baduy people are farmers also, so they have a paddy field on the hill. After harvesting the paddy, Baduy will keep that paddy on Leuit. They also have a Durian tree. Baduy’s Durian is really sweet.

Leuit at Baduy Luar

At 5:30 pm, I arrived at Cibeo, Baduy Dalam. In Baduy Dalam, there are three villages: Cibeo, Cikartawana, and Cikeusik, but only Cibeo village who open for tourism.

Baduy’s house.

Every tourist here stayed at locals’ houses, don’t worry, because Baduy Family are very welcome, nice, and friendly. I stayed at Kang Jali’s house, and after resting for a minute, I go to the river to clean myself.

At Baduy soap, shampoo, toothpaste and another detergent are prohibited. So I only swim. Even though they don’t use soap, or skincare Baduy people’s skin is looking bright, and clean, with no acne, and their faces look better than most of the big city people’s. I don’t know what their secret is.

At night, there’s sharing session with Kang Jali. He tells a lot of stories from the history of Baduy. Kang Jali believes his ancestor lived in the Baduy area forever, They are not from somewhere and migrate to that area, but they are at that area since first.

Kang Jali also tells he’s fasting at some moment, he said he needs to fast for 24 hours. He’s also said for wedding ceremonies it will be interesting, because there will be a party for three days, and the neighbour will come with food.

Kang Jali also share that Baduy people didn’t eat goat meat. He answered everything that the guest asked, and it’s open my new knowledge.

On January 1st. We go back home. Again our group needed to trek for 4 until 5 hours. We use different routes, so we can enjoy another Baduy landscape.

Traditional Bamboo Bridge

For me a trip to Baduy is amazing, I will remember this experience forever. Imagine you got a sport for trekking 8 hours, you can see fabulous views, and learn about Baduy culture.

Every rupiah spends, and every sweat drop is worth it.