Tahu Kupat (Tahu Guling)

Tahu kupat

Tahu kupat is a traditional food from Solo, Indonesia. Kupat or ketupat is rice packed with a palm leaf. And then, that rice boiled in hot water for several minutes. And tahu is tofu. So tahu kupat its mean, fried tofu with kupat.

Not only, tofu and kupat, but others ingredients are cabbage, sprouts, cucumber, egg noodles, peanut, and the sauce. And the sauce ingredients are palm sugar, soy sauce, chili, and lime. So the taste is spicy, sweet, and slightly sour.

So yes, these foods contain dietary fibre, vitamins, and so on. And I think it’s okay to eat tahu kupat for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

What do you think about this picture?

This is my second time, eating tahu kupat. For me tahu kupat is delicious food, and I think it can be fit with Indonesian people, but I don’t know why this food is not popular enough in Jakarta.

The price is also affordable, for a portion it’s only 13 thousand Rupiahs. And if you want more protein, you can ask for an additonal omelet, it only cost 17 thousand Rupiahs.

Accidently, I found this tahu kupat when I was looking for breakfast in the street food area in Bintaro.

Everything under control

The man who sold this tahu kupat told me, on weekdays he can sell forty portions of tahu kupat. And on the weekend, he can sell around eighty portions.

For you, who lived around Bintaro, you can also buy tahu kupat from food delivery apps, such as GoFood, and GrabFood.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s eat tahu kupat!



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