UX Writing Portfolio — Melaut


Melaut is a Jakarta-based service for sea sports recreation. With Melaut customers can sea kayak, stand-up paddle, or jet ski. Sometimes, Melaut offers the customers to have a trip to Pulau Seribu.



  • Age: 18–40.
  • Socio-economic status: Middle up
  • Gender: All genders


Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang, Tangerang Selatan, Bekasi


  • Has an active lifestyle.
  • Enjoying sport much.
  • Always looking for a new experience.

Melaut User Persona

  • Name: Ricky
  • Age: 28 years old
  • Tittle: UX Writer
  • Address: Lebak Bulus
  • Status: New marriage
  • Economic status: Rich since born

Ricky is a UX Writer. He’s working so hard on weekdays. He didn’t have time to exercise. So, Ricky only does exercise on weekends with his wife. Ricky and his wife enjoy trying a new sport. Both Ricky, and his wife had to register and try Jiu Jitsu, Road bicycling, and now they are trying kayaking.

As a young generation, Ricky is tech savvy and understands art. Sometimes he likes to post his cool photos on Instagram. Ricky likes to recommend his good experience to his friends, families, and any ones.

Ricky’s Goals:

  • Easy to looking an event.
  • Easy to book.
  • Good promo with referral code.
  • Can receive good photos from the application.

Tone Copy:

  • Casual
  • Non-formal
  • Polite

Here We Go:

Introduce the apps:

After downloading the apps, before users log in or sign up. This copy will show
on this app.

Don’t focus on design, this is just an illustration.


After users chose an activity and order the activity that they gonna wanna do, users will go to payment choices. After that users will go to payment confirmation.

This is the copy:

Almost Done, Ricky!

2 Sea Kayak on August 2021 On August 21, 2022

Payment Illustration

If the payment success, user will go to this wireframe. This is the copy:


Ricky, your schedule all set. See you at August, 21.

Payment Success Ilustration


D-1 before kayaking, Ricky will recive a notification remember. This is the copy:

Tommorow is the date

Ricky, dont forget to Kayaking
with us tomorrow. See you!

Notification Illustration


This is the FAQ list about Melaut:

A: What is Melaut?
Q: Melaut is a service for sea sport recreational
A: What kind are services can Melaut afford?
Q: Sea Kayak, Stand-up Paddle, and Jet Ski.
A: Is it okay for early beginners?
Q: Absolutely fine, we have guides and trainers to teach you basic, and to watch you on the sea.
A: How do Melaut services work?
Q: See our schedule, then you need to book it.
A: I can’t swim. Can I join Seasports.
Q: We afford life safety jackets, so it’s okay, if you can’t swim.
A: Is there a minimum quota for open trip
Q: For our regular schedule, there are no quota. But, if you wanna make your own schedule, we start with 5 minimum participants.
A: What stuff do I need to bring when I join Melaut’s trips
Q: You can bring your personal medicine, sun block, dry bag, and sandals.

Thats enough for Melaut UX Writing portfolio right now. Thank you for reading. Maybe I will update this portfolio in the future.

Disclaimer: At first, for my first UX Writing portfolio, I wanna rewrite some apps on my phone but after that, I consider I’m just a random person who tries to learn UX Writing, I don’t have enough confidence to rewrite some pro-UX Writer works. Just like, would you rewrite Ernest Hemingway’s novels?



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